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"Karen goes beyond the mind and into the heart for her insights. She gives the added benefit of healing for a time afterward. Karen's sessions are spiritual, coming from whomever you feel connected to as a representative of God. She sends out love that is so needed in such a changing world." Karen Bezoski, UT

  I've been delighted with my phone sessions from Karen. Through her, Spirit has shown me a broader perspective and provided answers to questions in all aspects of my life: health, family issues, work and in spiritual life. Her understanding and explanations of what comes through has offered me direction and often, comfort. Recently Karen offered me a technique to assist in letting go of my fears and to manifest positive results in my life. We practiced it and since then, I was able to easily acquire a vehicle that I could afford and the technique helped the lives of..........L.W., California (Notation from Karen: the helpful technique was also backed up with Energy sent during the Phone Session, and for days after.)

"Karen, your insight and guidance really helped at a time when I needed positive encouragement to move forward in life." E.B., ID

"I can't thank you enough for your "interpretive" and channeling services. I would like to share my appreciation of you. Your gift has enhanced my understanding of what is occurring on the Inner immeasurably therefore reconciling with what is happening on the outer." O.B., ID

  "Karen, I really appreciate all your help, especially at a time I needed you the most. You have such an amazing gift! I feel so blessed you shared it with me." M.D., UT

  "Hi Karen: Thank you again for the wonderful session. I have been reading and rereading the notes I took while we were talking. So much valuable information. I am so grateful for the insight you provide! I was telling a friend about you. Please send me the link to your website again so I can pass it along to her...she has a friend, who has a friend, etc!" A.K., UT