~~ Egyptian Healing Rods Energy Distance Attunement, Free with Healing by Phone Session. ~~
It is said that ancient Egyptian royalty used special, hand held, metal and gem Rods to assist in their healing and inner balancing. -- This simple Attunement aids in allowing you to channel benefits similar to the ancient Rods (without the physical Rods) for yourself, or send this Energy to assist others, anytime. Also, if wish, even to make (Attune) new Egyptian Healing Rods Energy Teachers. -- Please also scroll down to read "What Clients are Saying." --

  ~~~ Client Testimonial: "Karen, with the help of the Phone Session, and during which received the Attunement for Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, then using it, I feel a lot calmer, more relaxed. My knee and neck are better. Eating less, and not as many sweets. Am ready to live life instead of life living me. Experienced more healing and changes during today's Phone Session, too. Thank you." L.J., UT ~~~

  Please note: Universal Abundance Reiki, and Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, are wonderful "Tools" to assist your life. Insight can be given, often with suggestions one might do to encourage healing.

  ~~~ Client Testimonal: "My young adult son has had alcohol addition problems. I gave him the EHRE Attunement, and he used it same day. He accompanied his friends to a liquor store, and while they bought alcohol, he bought only a soda. He told me later he had no desire to drink. I was thrilled. ------ He is bright, but there was no money for college. The same day he first used/Activated the Energy, he unexpectedly received a full school scholarship! ------Also a class he had wanted to take wasn't available, then suddenly that day it was." R, CA ~~~

~~ Egyptian Healing Rods Energy Attunement is Free with paid Phone Session, as an option instead of U.A. Reiki. ~~
  To order, please click "Profile/Payment" button upper left. Thank you.

  Egyptian Healing Rods Energy: I send Egyptian Healing Rods Energy to you during our session, and for at least a week following call. Once you are Attuned to receive, and with your daily activation of this wonderful flow, further opportunities are created for well-being. Encourages more positive life experiences. --- Each person's experience, result and timing are unique.

  An Attunement (in this case, the simple, verbal process by phone that takes only moments) allows you to use this Energy, and if wish, to Attune others, so they may use it!

  The Egyptian Healing Rods Energy two page e-manual included. ~~ You will also have the ability to give others this Attunement. Your whole being will channel this Energy (not just through the hands) through your verbal or mental activation, then will run and stop automatically. No touch positions. No symbols to learn. - copyright © 2012 Karen Burch --

  If you order the Healing by Phone Session, with this option, you receive the Attunement and I send Egyptian Healing Rods Energy to you during our session, and for at least a week following call. Once you are Attuned to receive, and with your daily activation of this wonderful flow, opportunities for additional balance and healing are created. Two page e-manual included.

What Clients are Saying
  "Relaxed me and allowed sleep sooner, and deeper. -- Helped relieve my pain, and my guy's pain too." K., UT

  "First off I’d like to say that spiritual tools have always been part of my life. That being said I can honestly say that the Egyptian Healing Rods Energy has been and will continue to be a grand addition to my life and has helped to heal all areas of my life. It has helped me through challenges great and small, and it has also collaborated with me other spiritual knowledge to give me the best possible result, I would recommend this technique (EHRE) to anyone, I know that without the shadow of a doubt that this technique works and is the upmost effective." C., CA

  "I feel more confident in myself, at peace, and that the future I want to see myself in is achievable now." K.K., UT

  "After using EHRE for a day, I was able to sleep really soundly that night, while I usually don't sleep well. ---- I have been facing many difficult challenges in the past few years, and recently I lost my job of twelve years and was denied unemployment benefits. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out. I was dreading having to go find another job. I was amazed at the energy I received using the Egyptian Healing Rods Energy. The following day I went out job hunting, filling out applications, and spent three hours making calls and inquires looking for work. I felt energized, calm, and with a positive outlook and a general feeling of well being." O., CA

  "I have had difficulty sleeping for a long time. But since activating EHRE have been able to relax at night, and sleep far better." M.F., CA

  One has to inwardly allow Egyptian Healing Rods Energy to work within, or benefits would be limited. Universal Abundance Reiki, Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, or Healing by Phone Sessions do not replace medical assistance, or common sense.