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Karen Burch is a Reiki Master, founder of Universal Abundance Reiki, and Egyptian Healing Rods Energy. ---- She is a facilitator, and a channel for healing and insight during your call. ---- Clients Have Reported Greater Peace and Fulfillment, Less Pain and Deeper Comfort in the Body, Financial Gain, or More Balance in Their Lives. ------ Universal Abundance Reiki is a creative, healing Energy that assists in releasing your concerns, encouraging deeper peace, opportunity and fulfillment. ----- Egyptian Healing Rods Energy helps release patterns interfering with our good, encouraging greater balance with the body, emotions, and mind, and in manifesting. ----- During a Healing by Phone Session insight is often given, to gain understanding and clarity. ---- Dream interpretations available during call to further empower. ---- Karen has worked professionally in the healing arts for over fifteen years.

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~ Universal Abundance Reiki / Egyptian Healing Rods Energy ~

Healing by Phone, with Free U.A. Reiki Master, or Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, Distance Attunement, $50.00
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